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Paper Shredder

KOBRA Paper Shredders

Danson Business Machines Sdn Bhd is the authorized dealer for KOBRA paper shredder in Malaysia. For viewing of the paper shredder, you can visit our office in Kuala Lumpur.

Approved by various government agencies wordwide
Wide Ranges of paper shredders
High Quality Cutting Blades
High Quality Cutting Blades

Advanced Paper ShreddingTechnology

KOBRA paper shredder uses the latest technology in their machines.

1. Energy Smart - Goes into sleep mode when the machine is not used.

2. Environment Friendly

3. High Quality Motor with self cooling fans - Provides non stop shredding.

4. Heavy Duty Chain Drive System with Steel Gears - Say goodbye to broken gears

5. Automatic Reverse System - 100% Jam Proof 

6. Automatic Oilier to keep the blades lubricated**

7. Turbo Boost Function** - Just when you need the extra boost 

Note: ** Only available in certain models.

Kobra shredder Advanced Features
100% Made in Italy product
NATO Army Approved  product

Please contact for models and stock status.

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